Kin Spritz is the first ready-to-drink euphoric beverage that will forever change the way people socialize. Kin is microscopic. Kin Spritz’s special blend of nootropics, adaptogens, and botanicals are a starting point for how it molecularly enhances our brain. Additionally, bubbles playfully reflect Kin Spritz’s carbonation. We interpret this visually by entering the realm of “inner space,” where protons and neutrons become cosmic orbs.

Kin is the social campaign project I took part during the freelance at Center. More details of the project please go to and

Client: Kin
Creative Direction: Alex Center
Package Design: Andrew Galloway, Peter Freeman, Morgan Lightcatcheer, Luiza Gale
Motion Design: Yaxu Han, Andrew Galloway
Art Direction: Colin Smight
Photography: Erick Steinberg, Emily Hirsch
Brand Direction and Copywriting: Natalee Ranii-Dropcho
Original Identity: RoAndCo

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