Mocai Market is located in Beijing and is renovated in a three-story traditional red brick building. The client wanted to create a space different from the traditional marketplace, hoping to meet the daily needs of all ages residents within 5 kilometers nearby, and at the same time attract young people to visit. This is essentially an attempt to upgrade the traditional marketplace.

Our visual strategy was to emphasize a kind of "unfamiliar familiarity." The upgrade of the market can easily erase the sense of chaos and the market, and become more modern and advanced. But we always feel that the folk feeling and a little chaos are the souls of the marketplace. Mocai Market is a place rooted in life itself. It is a place where residents visit every day. We need to carefully maintain a sense of security and familiarity when we are trying to upgrade. Allow them to purchase groceries comfortably, and easily.

Therefore, we extracted lines and lattice patterns from plastic baskets, bamboo baskets, and woven bags that were common in the marketplace as basic elements, and use the expressions of traditional posters, and closer to modern aesthetic preferences with some familiarity. The originality of the logo comes from the fair scale that every market has and is based on the abstract dining table. Because "fresh groceries entered thousands of households from the Mocai Market, and finally gathered on our table."




Client: Mocai Market
Creative Direction: 3% Design Studio
Designer: MadameR, Mr.3%, Yaxu Han