Why did we grow up, but our cereal didn’t? Magic Spoon reimagines the same sweet deliciousness of your favorite classic cereal, with premium ingredients, complete proteins, and no cane sugar, gluten, or grains. Healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true. 

Magic Spoon is a project I worked on during my internship at Gander. I was involved in all areas of brainstorming in the early stage of the project, helping develop the concepts of the packaging, and I created the 3D cereal renderings for the packaging. More details of the project please go to 

Client: Magic Spoon
Art Direction: Mike McVicar, Katie Levy
Package Design: Alejandra Ros
Illustration: Levi Jacobs
Photography: Evan Robinson
3D Rendering: Yaxu Han
Project Manage: Alex Gracey

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