The twelve Chinese zodiac visual symbols belong to the auspicious symbols in the ancient Chinese tradition. They are an important part of the traditional Chinese auspicious patterns.

The ox, which ranks second in the Chinese zodiac, is an important auspicious animal god and a folk protector. We get inspiration from the image of “the Ox" in traditional Chinese culture and characterize and reinterpret the story of the Ox.

Through the visual form of the "time tunnel", the three stories of Spring Ox, Cattle and Flood Protection Ox are respectively depicted, reflecting the design concept of returning to normality, and entrusting the beautiful vision of looking forward to the good weather in this year and the harvest of grains.

CHAPTER 1:The Return of Spring
Lichun is the first day of spring and has been valued by people since ancient times. People worship the spring ox and the god of light and pray for a good harvest. After the beginning of spring, everything is awakened and full of vitality.

CHAPTER 2:Favorable Weather & Peace
The wind and rain are suitable in time and suitable for farming. The people pray for peace in the world in the coming year.

CHAPTER 3:Grain Harvest
Every Chinese New Year, every family will pray for a bumper harvest in the coming year, and wish for a bumper harvest in agriculture to express people's good wishes in life.

Client: 中华人民共和国文化旅游部 / 中国对外文化传播集团
Experiential Agency: United Design Lab
Graphic Designer: Yaxu Han

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Bronze Awards & Exellence Awards | HKDA Global Design Awards 2021