Art direction, Brand Identity, Packaging, Editorial, UI design for 51 E JOHN.

51 E JOHN is an NYC-based experimental jewelry brand that brings new blood to the traditional jewelry-making process. The brand redefines the established purposes of jewelry by exploring the social phenomenon behind the object. Whether it’s crafting chic dental braces to help offset the stigma felt by those forced to wear them in their most vulnerable years, or using the vacuum-packed look of aluminum most associated with frozen foods to make us reconsider the places we look to find beauty - the idea of questioning traditional ideals is everywhere.

Clients: 51 E JOHN
Art direction: Yaxu Han
Brand Identity: Yaxu Han
Packaging: Yaxu Han
Editorial: Yaxu Han
UI design: Yaxu Han
Logo design: Eric Hu
Photographer: Conor Cunningham